"Sometimes the shortest distance between here and success

turns out to be the long way around."    Jerry X Shea

"How can there be two identical business, yet, one succeeds

while the other one fails?"    Jerry X Shea



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About Jerry X Shea


I am an author, speaker, workshop facilitator and consultant  to the small business community. Through my books and speaking programs I bring the experience of owning six different small businesses, combined with a  passion for passing on tried and proven successful business practices, to anyone interested in growing their business. I consider myself an "information utility" to the small business community and an advocate for the small business owner.


I wrote my first book, IT LOOKS EASY! IS IT? Simple Steps for Small Business Success in 2001 to help new small business owners understand all the things involved in owning your own business and becoming your own boss. As a result of that book I put together four small business workshops that I present at small business Expos, Conventions and Chamber of Commerce meetings all around the country.


While understanding how important it is to have a Business Plan, it was my Prospecting - Presentation - Close workshops that filled the rooms. As a result, I put the highlights of those workshops into my 2011 book,


Prospecting - Presentation - Close

Your Three Keys To Successful Sales.


In 2013, I wrote a new book that answers the question many non-business folks keep asking me - "Mr. Shea, what does it  take to be successful, not only in business, but in everyday life?"  It's a Great Life If You Don't Weaken, The Power Of Next answers that question. With that book come some great new luncheon and
Key-Note address for general audiences. Contact me if you would like to hear more about these new addresses.  


My Small Business Background


I have owned six different small businesses since I got out of the Navy. My first one was as a weekend wedding and baby photographer while my full time job was that of a cardiac technician and bio-medical photographer at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California. Later I became a part time 16mm film producer of medical training films (while working at the hospital) and then as a full time business. I owned an impulse items distribution company (items you find at the check out stand in a convenience store), screen printing and embroidery company, real estate office and my last business a coffee/espresso shop that I sold in 2007. I was also a Realtor in California specializing in small business opportunity sales.


As a consultant I have worked with small business owners in setting up their businesses and helping them "put a face on the place" by projecting a positive image in their community.