"Sometimes the shortest distance between here and success

turns out to be the long way around."    Jerry X Shea

"How can there be two identical business, yet, one succeeds

while the other one fails?"    Jerry X Shea


   Author of:       It's A Great Life

                      If You

               Don't Weaken            

                   The Power of NEXT


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Why is it that some people can touch something and it turns to gold, yet for others, what they touch turns to mud. Ever wonder why some folks seem to know how to go for it and make it happen in their life while others can't even seem to get going at all. The answer is very simple and it is one word - NEXT. When you discover how to next life's situations you will find that your fate and destiny will change for the better. Strong mined people always seem to survive the down-turns in life, while weak people tend to live a very un-rewarding life. Is it time for you to turn some of that mud into gold. Read this book and put NEXT to work for you.


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Prospecting - Presentation - Close

               Your Three Keys

            To Successful Sales


You cannot close the sale until you have made some form of  a presentation, however, you cannot make that presentation unless you are in front of a prospective buyer.


Prospecting for new clients, giving a powerful presentation that makes the prospect say "that is the company I want to go with" and having the ability to know how to close the sale are paramount to the success of any business.


Prospecting - Presentation - Close will help you lay the foundation for a  successful sales career and help small business owners understand how important it is to constantly prospect for new clients.

My first book answers the question "What do I have to do in order to be successful in small business." Ever wonder what the day in the life of a business owner is really like? You will get that answer in Chapter 2 - "Who Are You." Want to find out how to keep price from being an issue, check out Chapter 11. 

IT LOOKS EASY! IS IT? Simple Steps for Small Business Success was my first book. If you are thinking of going into business for yourself, this book will help you understand what it is you need to know now about owning a small business so you don't end up saying later "I sure with I knew that when I started."