Are you looking for a luncheon/dinner speaker that will address only the "attendes", which is 50% of your audience, or someone that will address 100% of your audience including spouses and guests?

Motivational speakers tend to stand at the bottom of the ladder trying to convince people what it is they need to do in order to climb  up to the top.

Inspirational speakers, however, stand at the top, explain what it is they had to change in their life to get there, and then challenge others to find their own path up to the top.   Jerry X Shea

                Attention Program Planners

Give the folks attending your event/expo a verbal

break. After hours of workshops, with more to come,

why not "laugh a little" over lunch. Give me a call,

tell me about your event and I will put together a

speaking proposal guaranteed to put a smile on

everyone's face.  


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Program Planners (Sales on top, General in the middle and Chambers of Commerce below)

Attention Sales Program Planners. Every sales manager understands the 80% - 20% rule in sales.  80% of your sales staff will produces about 20% of your sales. While 20% of your sales staff will produces 80% of the sales. So how do you get that 80% to become more productive in sales? The answer is easy. You don't waste your time trying to motivate them. They have had more "fire crackers" set off under them then they care to remember. Instead you inspire them. You teach them how to keep going forward and find the ways to get a "yes" from their prospects. You help them define the talents that they have and teach them how to put those talents to work so they can, again, get that "yes." Many times when the sales staff at the bottom see the top producers making the "big bucks" it can bring them down. The key is to inspire them to "get up, get out and get going." If this is what you are looking for in a Key Note address, business luncheon or workshop, then you have found Jerry X Shea, Inspirational Sales Speaker. (Click on Programs and Classes).

                          Looking for a Inspirational or Motivational Speaker?

I am asked many times, "what is the difference between a motivational speaker and an inspirational speaker?"  I answer that question with the following statement:  "Motivational Speakers tend to stand at the bottom of the ladder trying to convince people what it is they need to do in order to climb up to the top. Inspirational speakers, however, stand at the top, explain what it is they had to change in their life to get there, and then challenge others to find their own path up to the top ." Let's face it, there are no set rules for success in anything we do in life. Each of us has our own way of doing things and going through life. To try and motivate someone, who at this point in their life "could care less", is energy put out there that never comes back. To inspire them, however, is to create a desire for them to want to move forward and make a change in their life. These people are not looking for motivation. They are looking for inspiration to go higher, reach further and make a better life for themselves and their family. If you desire a speaker at your next event that can produce those inspirational results, then please contact me and let's see if we can find a fit for your event.


Attention General Program Planners - Key Notes. Are you looking for a Key Note Speaker to address mixed attendies when the audience is not 100% salespeople or small business owners. You know that the best Key Note Speaker is one that entertains your whole audience with some of life's humorous situations that everyone can relate to and laugh about. Especially the spouses of those attending your event/convention.  If that is the case then you have fond me - Jerry X Shea. Please contact me and let's talk about your event/audience and what speech I can offer your group. 


Attention Chambers of Commerce

Looking for a breakfast/luncheon speaker? Let me introduce you to my Prospecting For New Clients presentation designed to help your membership increase their sales and customer base. Today, more than ever, small business owners are hungry for any information they can get that will help them grow their respective businesses. That is what I have to offer your membership at a business breakfast/luncheon. Please contact me and I will tell you the next time I will be in your area.