"Sometimes the shortest distance between here and success

turns out to be the long way around."    Jerry X Shea

"The very act of prospecting make you a salesperson."   Jerry X Shea


  Author of:       It's A Great Life

                      If You

               Don't Weaken            

                   The Power of NEXT


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Programs and Classes

The following Key Notes, Lectures & Workshops can be adjusted to any specific business, expo or event. Just let me know the business industry, type of group or event and I will tailor my speech to meet your objectives.

For many years people have asked me "do you have any non-business talks you could give our group?" When I ask them what type of talk they are look for, many would say "something to help people become successful in their everyday life."

Having lived a very full and successful life that included some downturns that required a re-evaluation of my life and the direction I was going, I always say "yes, I have many great stories of life's successes and failures."
As a result, I have come out with an inspirational book IT'S A GREAT LIFE IF YOU DON'T WEAKEN, The Power Of NEXT.
If you are looking for a Key-note or lucheon speaker that can address your whole audience, including the spouses and friends of those attending your event, then we need to talk. My inspirational talks, from my new book, are guaranteed to entertain and delight your whole audience. Everyone attending will walk away with at least one thing that can help them have a successful and rewarding life style. Tell me about your group/event and I will provide some choices for a great presentation.

                                           Key Notes

                                      (30 - 45 Minutes) 


1. It's A Great Life If You Don't Weaken - The Power of Next. (based on my 2013 book)

                           This Key Note addess delivers some of life's unexpected

                            twists and concerns that all of us face. Very informative,

                            yet humorous in content. Helps the audience understand just

                            one word "next" and how it can change their life.

2. Prospecting - Presentation - Close (based on my book) 

                           This Key Note gives a humorous look at selling

                            your products/services with true life examples

                            of what not to do. 


3. It Looks Easy! Is it?  (based on my first small business book)

                            Thinking of "owning your own business and

                             becoming your own boss." This Key Note

                             also takes a humorous look at the old adage

                            "I sure wish I knew then what I know now."


4. Who are You?  This Key Note answers the question "do you

                             have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and

                             successful business owner?"


5. Ten Key Elements of a Successful Business.

                             A great overview of my "successful small

                             business model" based on the six small

                             businesses I owned and my experience as

                             Realtor selling small businesses.


6. Women In Business.

                             What Women need to know about 

                             business that men will not tell you.

                             This is a business group presentation

                              for women.

                Chambers of Commerce Breakfast/Luncheon Meetings


This is a 30 - 45 minute speech on Prospecting For New Clients.

Today more than ever, small business owners are hungry for any information they can get that will help them grow their respective businesses. That is what I have to offer your membership.



Inspirational Speeches

1. Ms. Twisted Ankle: This is a true story of a woman that twisted her ankle and it became                                      "the most inconvenient thing that ever happened to her." This story

                                      has a great twist with the message "what is your twisted ankle in life?"


2. DOWNSIZING: We are a nation of "junk collectors" and we leave that junk for our children. Discover simple ways of saving memories while cherishing family heirlooms. This is a speech for the over 50 group.


3. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL: We may be living in a society of electronic social media, but we can't forget to teach our children the finer points of face to face contact with people. As an employer that hired teenagers I was amazed at how unprepared many of our young folks are for the workplace. This talk is full of tips parents and grandparents can use to teach and prepare their teenagers for the real world.


4. Die between 55-65 or live to 80 or 90 - Which one do you want?         This talk follows Mr. Shea's 12 years as a cardiac technician and what it takes to live a long and healthy life style.

5. How one word, NEXT, can change your life for ever: Mr. Shea's philosophy of a life that keeps moving forward without getting stuck on hold.


                              Small Business Workshops


a. Prospecting for New Clients. - The cash register will not ring and

                            the products/services will not be sold unless you

                            can get yourself in front of a buying prospect. This

                            stand alone workshop covers what it takes to get

                            in front of a buying prospect or get them in your



b. Presentation & Close. How you present your product/service will

                           make all the difference in the world as to your

                           success or failure. From retail, manufacturing,

                           distributors and the service industries, failure to

                           know how to "close the deal" can result in the

                           loss of a business.


c. Marketing Tools. The inability to market your company correctly

                           will only result in money being wasted on the

                           wrong type of advertising for your business. Learn

                           what works and will not work in your type 

                           of industry.


d. Knock, Knock, Knocking on Customers' Doors

                           This workshop is specifically  designed for the

                           service industries that do not have a retail store.

                           If your business survival depends on finding

                           clients to buy your products or services, then this

                           is the workshop that will teach you how to get your

                           "foot in the door" and how to "put a face on your 



e. How to Write a Business Plan.

                           The unfortunate side of many small businesses is

                           that they never drew up a business plan. Thus, they

                           have no real idea of the direction they are going,

                           how they plan to get there and what to do once

                           they arrive. This workshop is designed to help the

                           small business owner set goals and objectives by

                           designing a basic business plan specific to their

                           needs of growing the business.


NOTE: The workshops above are my most requested and popular workshops. If you have a specific small business workshop you are looking for, please give me a call as I most likely have it.